Unhealthy food as fast food and generally we talk about JUNK FOOD, is a worldwide program has been sustained since 1950’s. It’s became a kind of lifestyle making people in lower physiological condition to fight against any bacteria or virus. So, it became urgent, facing this startling situation, to find the way to come back to a normal and vital lifestyle, respecting good nutrition values.


We all are waiting for to come back to a normal life as before. But before is gone. We have no choice for living to contribute to organize our days with new deal. Does that mean doing things we know good for health and well-being, but we refused before ? Naturally.  


In the same time, the pandemic inspire each one to realise that a good nutrition can help to keep any  diseases away

Indeed, some studies conclude as well : we recommend that individuals consume foods high in whole grains, fibres, unsaturated fats, and antioxidants to modulate gut microbiome and enhance intrinsic immune function.


In the same way, student health became a very important point in these circumstances. They are the future of a nation and we need to care of their health state. In providing a balanced diet.


Since the middle of 2020, studies, surveys and papers chanted how worrying the student living arrangement ! How flawed food condition for the student !

As we can read, “Covid :Student anger over 'junk' food parcels in isolation” BBC News, Published11 October 2020