Iwuinu charity


IWUINU is an international charity working towards a world. A charity which provides good food for students. It's create by the international students themselves with the support of former students in 2020 during the pandemic and following various testimonies from students around the world.



Eat well for health and make it accessible, is one of the main aim Iwuinu pursued.

This has powerful consequences involved :


Educational :

Educate children and young people about food sanitary qualities and their body life ;

Make them happy with foods land, so they progressively disconnected with processed foods


Social :

Improvement vision of life and relationship concerning the main place our health have to be.


Economic :

In 2018, the total sales of organic food increased by 5.3% in the UK. 

This steady growth reveals that over £45 million is spent on organic food in the UK.

By 2020 the market is expected to be worth £2.5 billion. 


Financial :

Have a healthy and complete diet increase your body nutrient supply and decrease the purchase in frequency and volume.


Environmental :

Enhance farmers and producers working hard and show how their activities are a pointed practising for the cycle of life.







At the beginning of 2021 year, media put in their agenda in first page to take over the students call : No Food, unhealthy Food, not enough, no Money, sanitary distress, …Also scientist researches has been promoted in the same way and gave the first signals.

With the Transatlantic collaboration of academics has been highlighted three major risk factor through student report : the high levels of food insecurity, job loss and low levels of mental wellbeing during the pandemic. This sanitary crisis generated a general panic to stay alive. So wrong questions involved wrong answers. That can be attested by finding no expensive food, most of the time it is unhealthy food.


It was and it is a way out to stay alive, for most of students during the outbreak of this desease.

Many universities were not prepared or not enough facing the situation. Some students testimonies can speak about food boxes filled with junk food, some delivery meals were too expensive and unhealthy. Some of them stayed several days with stomach pains or dehydrated.


It also will be a way out to stay alive until a real and steady measurement be taken.

We can denied the bad effect generate by ultra or proceeded food to mental well-being. High level of food insecurity show a hard impact on student health, which is a large period for cerebral activity, highly solicited.


Indeed, the pandemic as showed by several studies and researches how unhealthy food consumption deeply affected intrinsic immune system human body, and a large number of person suffering severe acute respiratory syndrome were people living with an underlying chronic medical condition (like heart problems, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes), as you can read in these belowing documents.